Matchless Machine & Tool Co., Inc.

55 James Baldwin Dr.
Martinsville, IN  46151

Customer Base

Our work has been utilized in the production of parts for the following companies:


ADT                                                                  General Electric                                                   Quazar

AT&T                                                                Gilbarco                                                                Rantoul Products

Admiral                                                            G.M. Truck & Bus                                                RCA

Aladdin                                                            Guardian Automotive                                         Rockwell

Amana                                                              Hamilton Beach                                                  Rubbermaid

Apogee Plastics                                             Hardwick                                                              Sabin Ent. (Medical)

Arrow Plastics                                                Harman Becker                                                    SCI

Arundale                                                           IBM                                                                       Shenandoah

Avon Injected Rubber &Plastics                  IVAC (Medical)                                                    Sheller Globe

Buick                                                                Johnson Controls, Inc.                                       Silicon Graphics

Burroughs                                                        Kodak                                                                    Square D

Chrysler                                                            Lambert                                                                Toshiba

Color Tyme                                                      Mack                                                                      United Technologies

Compaq Computer                                         NCR                                                                        Universal Data

Delphi                                                               Nutone                                                                   Wabash Plastics

Drustar (Medical)                                           Oldsmobile                                                            Western Electric

Fisher Body                                                     Onyx                                                                        Xerox

Ford                                                                  Plano Molding Co.                                                Zenith Electronics